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It is the hermetic and magical order of wizards, oldest and most powerful sorcerers of all time.

They are said to be descended from Hermes Trismegistus.The same as in ancient Egypt is Thoth.
They are in direct contact with the supreme leaders or supreme maximum entities.
It is without a doubt the most powerful World Order in history.
The powers they possess as occultists are unequaled.
To have more peace of mind they stopped attending your page in English and only attend from their page in Spanish.
They are always in the most select groups, from royalty, rulers, leaders, members of governments, but they never stop serving and helping the middle and poor class.
They heal incurable diseases, attract power and economic wealth, unite and disengage couples with their work of love union

Recommended Books

Qui suis je - Pierre Plantard (French)
il priorato di sion
Il Priorato di Sion - dalla tradizione all'età moderna (Italian)
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